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Carole's 60th Birthday was a very intimate affair as COVID-19 seemed to be easing but concern was still present. It was mainly family with the "kids" playing out front.

This was my first private event since March 2020.

10-11-2020 60th Birthday Party with Mark Peace Thomas

Photo above: Mark snaps a photo at the front of the house in front of the inflatable slide where the "kids" will be hanging out as the adults party in the backyard.


Sarah and Patrick's reception was held in Altadena. The couple wanted me to incorporate the "Anniversary Dance" and we found Mr & Mrs Bunn married 63 years. We also honored "Grandma Frederickson" who represented 63 years of marriage!

Special thanks to my assistant: Mike Brown since he also took many photographs at my request. The official photographer was only hired through the grand entrance and I happened to bring my Canon 7D camera with me, and coincidentally, Mike has experience as a photographer. Here is one of Mike's photos of me getting advice from Mr & Mrs Bunn:

Mr and Mrs Bunn 63 Years Together 2014

Photo above: MC Mark Peace Thomas solicits advice from an experienced married couple as he wraps up the "anniversary dance".


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