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 Mark Peace Thomas aka DJ Peace



Xanthin Smith and I will be presenting our seminar The Art of Interaction (remixed) at The Las Vegas DJ Show on September 10, 2014 at 10:30am at The Las Vegas Convention Center.

Xanthin Smith (Zan The Man)

DJ Xanthin


Here is The Art of Interaction article written by Xanthin Smith which was published in Mobile Beat - The DJ Magazine to educate entertainers before our seminar was presented in Febuary of 2014.

Xanthin and I presented a different version of the seminar in 2006 which featured ways for DJs to entertain without dancing.

Mobile Beat Art of Interaction

Photo above: The big screen letting DJs from across the country (and world) know they're in the right room for "The Art of Interaction" hosted by Xanthin Smith and Mark Peace Thomas.


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